About facebook. We exchanged our views frankly yesterday.

I would like to show you a wall of my page on facebook.

I am putting an wheather information of Shigaraki town, Japan every morning as my greetinting.

Here are many real messages on facebook yesterday.
I would show them from now.
Shiho: Hello everybody! It's fine today in Shigaraki, Japan though the temperature is three degrees below zero centigrade. A little cold for me. Have a good day.

Mrs.D: Hello to you too. The day is clearing here after a very heavy sea fog. I hope tomorrow will be clear. When it is like this I think I am out in the ocean and I listen for fog horns. Only in my imagination.

Shiho: I am able to imagine that you are standing alone at the tip of the Cape Cod, and listening for fog horns.

Mr.A you should be in Sydney. it is fine sunny and 27 degrees tomorrow, but not possible to fire anagama kilns for either the temperature or the pollution laws. beautiful but boring.

Shiho: Mr.A san, Sydney is very beautiful area, isn't it? If I've an opportunity, I would like to come to your country someday.

Mrs.D Hi Shiho - its a chilly day in Cork city in Ireland, about 6' C with clear skies and sunshine..Heavy frost on the ground this morning making everything look very beautiful.

Shiho: How are you? I've never been in Ireland. Only i read a photo book of Ireland. There are many beautiful stream and forests.

Talking with a Chinese.

Shiho: I and my wife, Keiko went shopping today. We had to stay at home last week. The reason is .....?????

Mr.B: Kanzaki-san! Was your staying home last week related to Rohatsu?

Shiho: Mr.B-sa----n. Rohatsu?

Mr.B 臘八 Maybe that is the zen term? The 8th day of the 12th month 成道会? Shaka-J?d?-e? We used to put up an evergreen on the 8th day of December and call it the Bodhi Tree.

Shiho: We (Jyodo sect) don't have 臘八会. You are correct that we called 成道会. 諸行無常,諸法無我 ,涅槃寂静 .

Attached a photo.
Shiho: A wood-burning stove makes us warm. Wow! GOOD!!

Mrs.A: Lovely. Thanks for posting. Where is this?

Shiho: It's the entrance hall of my studio.

Mrs.A: It is elegant!

Mrs.B: warm

Ms.C(Japanese): nice one desune!

Shiho: It is elegant!, warm and nice one. So It's great!!

Ginny & Karl san: Seeing these pictures makes us very homesick for Japan, you and your family. Karl loved seeing the picture of the Blendy bottles!!

Shiho: Wow!! Ginny san! I was very happy that I had a chat with you. All of your Japanese friend were talking about you. Araya san was talking about his trip to your house occasionally.
If you interesing in facebook, Sign Up on facebook.
And serch "Shiho Kanzaki". So I can talk with you.

About Facebook. I surprised.

Facebook is very good comunication tool for us.

Today, I was very glad to receive two messages on Facebook.

One message is ;

"It is wonderful to meet you! Many years ago as a beginning ceramics student I wrote a paper about you and your work. I have admired you for a long time and your work is most wonderful!"

I surprized to hear that.

And another thing is an E_mail.

The email said, "I love your pot in the minneapolis art institute!"

I remembered I visited there 2002. At that time, I took a photo.

My pot is at the end of the corridor.


I opened a new page on Facebook.

I opened my new page on Facebook last night.

I will be finishing my editing of Facebook in this week.

Fortunately, 18 persons added to Facebook. So I have already 18 friends.

If someoene would like to access there, don't hesitate to visit to my page.

My user name is Shiho Kanzaki.

Serch "Shiho Kanzaki".


Pottering in cold air.

It's getting colder and colder day by day in Shigaraki.
I did ride on a bicycle early morning.
But recently, it's so cold, and I go pottering by bicycle around 9 o'clock.
It's too cold, and I put earflaps like this photo.

bicycle in cold air

It's happened to see a view like this.
At this season, the sasanqua are in full bloom.
The red flowers make me warm.


I made sashimi of scallops.

My daughter Yuki got many scallops from her friend.

She asked me to make sashimi, it mean sliced raw scallop.

I did make sashimi by myself when I went to fishing, so it's very easy.

The scallops were very fresh.

When I cut the adductor muscle of scallop, the shell closed tightly.

We had a happy time with my daughter's family.



Welcome to Shiho Kanzaki's anagama site.
I'm a Shigaraki anagama potter. I always have ten-day wood firing.
The natural ash deposit on my works are very beautiful and have a strong feeling.
Please look at my works on My Web Page.

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